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Template Monster is known as an exceptionally experienced representative of the MasterBundle distribution network. And I'm one of the people on this team. I am a graphic designer, and I can say that we make great packages, templates and themes! We are in 33rd place in the MasterBundles ranking. And every day we try to become better.


What Is The Price of Templates ?

On average, a web template with a single site license will cost you approximately $60. Of course, the final price usually is defined by the characteristics, user interface kits, and extensions that are in the product’s pack. In regards to multipurpose designs, one of them will cost you $90 or more. Despite the fact that these pricings seem quite fair, you can spend less on getting a WordPress theme. You may wonder how? For these very simple reasons, take a look at modern bundles.

What Is Bundle?

In short, product bundling means offering several services or products for sale. With it, bundle is a set that includes a handful of (or multiple) various items created for the same purpose. For example, if you are going to set up a web project, there are ready-made bundles that already come with items like web themes, web typography, premium plugins, high-res photographs, etc.

Why It’s Preferable To Purchase Themes Bundles?

Clearly, choosing a bundle can be a time saver. On top of that, it’s really comfortable for web designers and developers given that they will receive all the needed products just off the shelf! Consequently, you won’t need to waste time on hunting for every item separately. Making use of these elements, you will quickly create the desired web project.

What Is Website Design Template?

As you can see, this year, web themes are pretty much everywhere. Moreover, big businesses choose to create their webpages using these well-liked solutions. So, what exactly is website theme and why do you really want it? First of all, web template is a set of pages, modules, and UI elements. All of the layouts a theme has are pre-developed and well functioning. In addition, these ready-made solutions are flexible, which means it’s possible to edit every single page, each individual color scheme, and each pixel very easily.

Where To Find More Products?

In the event you didn’t discover the important items inside this bundle, feel free to go to the gallery, as there are lots of other bundles. For example, you can pick from items like CrocoBlock bundle, premium WP bundles, or mega bundles. Moreover, MasterBundles gallery also includes bundles with UI elements, textures, patterns, social media products, presentations, images, and vectors.


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